About Us

ePathfinder is the strategic and research arm of QSI Consulting Group.

Since 1998 QSI has served organizations large and small, consumer and business oriented with web, email, blog, social media and marketing analytics needs. Being from a marketing and PR background, QSI literally wrote the book on effective digital engagement — without all the silly promises and gimmicky tactics. Just plain common sense, understanding the key audiences and lots of hard work. There is very little magic in the digital world that actually succeeds.

While it’s easy to describe QSI as a digital agency the label doesn’t come close to getting to the heart of who we are – committed, diligent and deeply experienced. We’re humbled that over the years our clients have called us honest, dedicated, resourceful, innovative – and have become our friends. We think that has a lot to do with our team, who have been in the digital communication business since when the Internet was an infant.

At QSI, it’s difficult to stump us with your problem or request. From our PR days to our digital days, we’ve experienced so many situations on so many levels that it’s rare when we don’t have a story about a client facing a similar circumstance. That’s experience… and some of us have the gray hair to prove it!

So call us and tell us your story. You’ll find out for yourselves if we’re the right fit.