Living in Social Overwhelm

Exploding HeadWorking in social media and digital communications means living in overwhelm. Things change every day — which networks do what, how metrics are counted and what they mean, what has changed and how it affects your social efforts. More, more, more, more.

Living in Social Overwhelm is Wearing

I spend precious time every day just keeping up, testing new things and reading what others have to say. Like the constant drone of a beehive, it never ends. Stop the (social) world! I want to get off!

Let’s try something simplier. The Texas Two-Step.

Step One: Who

You know your audience well. Who they are, where they are, what devices they use and when they use them. You also know what they want from you, and what they need you to share. Use this knowledge to determine your content.

Step Two: Channel

Each social network, system or service has strengths and weaknesses and something like a personality. Your audiences and the content you create for them lean toward certain of these channels. Not all are terribly useful or even necessary.

Now Put It All Together

So, pair what you know about your audience to guide your content and what channels are best for delivery. Sound simple? Maybe, but still hard work.

Knowing about Twitter’s one-click purchase button or Facebook’s new ad system is certainly useful, but I’m guessing your audiences are diving into those things immediately. Stick to what matters to your audience and what works for your client and then carve out some time each week to catch-up on what’s going on in social.

Deep breath. Now, isn’t that better?

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